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Whether you’ve been using StyleTechCraft vinyl forever or you just started working with vinyl, there are always questions that arise.  We’ve decided to compile some of our most frequently asked questions in one spot for your reference!


How many different product lines does StyleTechCraft offer?

More than anyone else! With 14 different product lines, StyleTechCraft has the look you want! From Color Change (Temp Change) to Transparent Glitter to Metalized to Opal and everything in between, StyleTechCraft has a craft vinyl for every project you can dream up!


How can I purchase your products? 

StyleTechCraft is the craft vinyl brand of Tape Technologies, Inc.  Tape Technologies, Inc is strictly the manufacturer and sells only to authorized distributors.  To find an authorized distributor near you, please send us a message!


What is the durability of StyleTechCraft vinyl?

Our films have an average durability of FIVE years! This includes our Craft Vinyl, Matte Removable, Ultra Metallic and Ultra FX films. Our Transparent Glitter, Transparent and Polished Metal have a little less with an average of 4 years. The Luster films have an average of 3 years and the Opals average about 2 years.

You know you are getting the highest quality with StyleTechCraft vinyl!


What surfaces does your vinyl stick to?

Our vinyl will stick to most non-porous, clean surfaces. When you think non-porous, think smooth!! You want something smooth and clean like glass, plastic or metal that will allow the adhesive on the back of the vinyl to evenly adhere to the substrate.

You can stick our vinyl to an uneven surface such as wood or canvas, but the surface must be properly prepared (usually by applying a paint, primer or varnish).

Remember that all of our vinyl, except for the Matte Removable line, has a permanent adhesive and will, on average, stick for up to five years outdoors. Our vinyl is also NOT heat transfer vinyl, which is meant to be used on fabrics such as shirts.


Is your vinyl dishwasher safe?

While you can put our vinyl in the dishwasher, we highly recommend hand washing any items with our vinyl to help prolong the life of your beautiful project!


What is the Matte Removable line?

 We have 33 matte finish colors in the MR line, ranging from Tiff Blue to Magenta to Black. The adhesive is removable, which means you can apply it to walls or glass and it will remove cleanly for up to 2 years. This film is great for kids’ rooms, classrooms or just about anywhere where you want a little color for just a little bit!
LINK : styletechcraft.com/products/matte-removable


What machines can I use with StyleTechCraft vinyl?

You can use StyleTechCraft™ vinyl in all cutting machines such as Cricut and Silhouette and with die cuts, craft punches and, of course, scissors.


What are the recommended cut settings?

You can find a guide here on our blog: styletechcraft.com/a-guide-to-machine-settings


What is Transfer Tape?

You can find out more about transfer tape on our blog: styletechcraft.com/what-is-transfer-tape-how-do-i-use-it/


What accessories do you recommend when working with StyleTechCraft vinyl?

In addition to transfer tape, we also recommend a StyleTechCraft tool kit and squeegees.  You can learn about what these tools do: styletechcraft.com/all-about-accessories


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