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StyleTechCraft™, a division of Tape Technologies, Inc., is an industry leader and manufacturer of more than 275 colors and styles of craft vinyl.  We are the innovators of color change (temperature change) vinyl and glitter vinyl.  

Our Products

StyleTechCraft Sun Vinyl

Sun Vinyl

A UV reactive vinyl that changes from white to color in the sun!


Color Change

The FIRST EVER temperature change craft vinyl that changes color based on temperature.

Mist Product Line


Our Metalized and Chromes provide all the WOW you need for all your projects.

Transparent Glitter

The only film in the world that is colored glitter on both the inside and outside.


Entire spectrum of colors on one sheet - colors change as they move.

Ultra Metallics glitter vinyl product for crafts

Ultra Metallics

Amazing colors that are perfect for indoor & outdoor application.

Recreational Reflective

Similar to the reflective you find on street signs and on your car, but in fun, craft colors!


A satin finish that isn’t quite glossy, but not quite matte.

Craft Vinyl

Perfect for your craft and hobby cutter. Inside/Outside use.

Ultra FX

Glitter vinyl featuring a more subtle look with a hint of holographic flake.

Polished Metal

Metallic-looking films that add a shine and pop to any project.


They glow day and night (when exposed to black light)!


Transparent is exactly that---transparent with a little color.

Matte Removable

Will remove easily and cleanly for up to two years. Currently 27 colors available.


Designed for glass and availble in six colors.

Transfer Tape

Application tape is available in paper, clear, and clear grid liner.

Serious crafter? Just dabbling? We have something for everyone, at every level.

Take a look around and get inspired.
Go ahead… get crafty!


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