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Tape Technologies, Inc. has been manufacturing
Styletech Brand vinyl products for more than 30 years.

Our Products


Entire spectrum of colors on one sheet - colors change as they move.

Transparent Glitter

The only film in the world that is colored glitter on both the inside and outside.

Ultra Metallics

The original glitter vinyl for the craft market.

Ultra FX

Glitter vinyl featuring a more subtle look with a hint of holographic flake.

Craft Vinyl

Perfect for your craft and hobby cutter. Inside/Outside use.

Polished Metal

Metallic-looking films that add a shine and pop to any project.


A satin finish that isn’t quite glossy, but not quite matte.


Transparent is exactly that---transparent with a little color.


With these films, you can create the look of tapestry, brushstroke, linen or woodgrain.

Matte Removable

Will remove easily and cleanly for up to two years. Currently 27 colors available.


Designed for glass and availble in six colors.


They glow day and night (when exposed to black light)!


A removable chalkboard film that can be used just about anywhere.

Tape Transfers

Application tape is available in paper, clear, and clear grid liner.


Helping make your crafting experience easier.

Serious crafter? Just dabbling? We have something for everyone, at every level.

Take a look around and get inspired.
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Ornamental Pinwheel

Ornamental Pinwheel

This quick, easy ornamental pinwheel is a fun craft for kids to do (with adult supervision) and also a great way to use up some of your vinyl scraps! Because of the weight of the vinyl and the liner, these pinwheels won’t really spin but they are super cute to use as...

A Guide to Machine Settings

A Guide to Machine Settings

You can use StyleTechCraft™ vinyl in all cutting machines such as Cricut and Silhouette. We know that with so many machines out there, it is hard to know the proper settings for our vinyl. Hopefully, these guides will help you!

What is Transfer Tape & How Do I Use It?

What is Transfer Tape & How Do I Use It?

What is it? You just finished weeding this intricate and beautiful graphic. A pretty pink Tervis sits next to you, ready to be adorned with aforementioned intricate and beautiful graphic. But, how are you going to get this detailed & delicate graphic from the...

All About Accessories!

All About Accessories!

When you are just getting into the world of craft vinyl, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of information out there.  There are all the different types of vinyl and what surfaces they can be used on.  Then there are all the tools and accessories that help...

Happy Fall – Yard Sign

Happy Fall – Yard Sign

Fall is personally my favorite time of the year. The cooler weather brings the opportunity for all the exciting outdoor activities like pumpkin patches and fall festivals, plus Fall also coincides with my birthday! (But, that's only 50 percent of why I...

Back-to-School with StyleTechCraft

Back-to-School with StyleTechCraft

Back-to-school time! It is such a mix of emotions for everyone involved, isn't it? Teachers are excited to get started on another year while also lamenting the end of carefree days. Students are full of nerves & excitement but are lamenting the end of...

StyleTech Matte Removable Craft Vinyl

StyleTech Matte Removable Craft Vinyl

StyleTech Craft’s matte removable is such a great product! I love using it for decoration in a kid’s room or on a gallery wall of pictures. It is also perfect for decorating for holidays (like Valentine's Day...see more here) or birthdays since the film...


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