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StyleTech Craft’s matte removable is such a great product!

I love using it for decoration in a kid’s room or on a gallery wall of pictures. It is also perfect for decorating for holidays (like Valentine’s Day…see more here) or birthdays since the film can be used on wall or glass and will remove cleanly for up to two years.  (We always recommend testing it in a small, inconspicuous area first though just to be sure!)

I decided to add a few flowers to my kid’s room and add a bible verse to our front foyer. The bible verse is done in Matte Removable Gold and the flowers are done in Mint, Coral, Magenta & Plum.   There are a total of 27 different colors to choose from in the Matte Removable line, so it’s not hard to find the perfect color for whatever project you can dream up!

 The film separates very easily so it doesn’t take very long at all to create your perfect masterpiece!

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