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Color Changing Vinyl

Introducing StyleTechCraft’s color-changing vinyl product line. This includes the FIRST EVER temperature change craft vinyl that changes color based on temperature.


Our cold films, which change color when exposed to cold temperatures, include: 

Cold Blue (clear to blue)
Cold Pink Purple (pink to purple)
Cold Pink changes (clear to pink)
Cold Purple (clear to purple)

We also have one hot temperature color change vinyl: Red Hot Yellow, which changes from red to yellow when exposed to heat.


Cold Color Changing Vinyl
Cold Color Changing Vinyl
Color Change Vinyl Collage

Color-Change Vinyl from the Blog

Color Changing Vinyl Glasses

Color Changing Vinyl Glasses

Morena's Corner used StyleTechCraft's temperature change vinyl layered with Rose Gold vinyl to make these truly unique glasses! These glasses are cute before you add cold … then they pop with blue, pink, and purple! Find out more here

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