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This quick, easy ornamental pinwheel is a fun craft for kids to do (with adult supervision) and also a great way to use up some of your vinyl scraps!

Because of the weight of the vinyl and the liner, these pinwheels won’t really spin but they are super cute to use as decorations! I put several of them up around my cubicle at work and a few in my craft room. I love trying out different color combinations!

This is a very simple craft that only requires a few materials: vinyl sheets, scissors, thumb tacks and a dowel (optional).

You can use any size vinyl sheets, but I usually prefer a smaller size (around 4”x4”).  You can also use one or two colors (more on how to do that in the instructions).

If you want to use two sheets of vinyl, you have to first stick them together. Simply remove the liner from one sheet and press the sticky side to the liner of the opposite sheet.

Then, at each corner, cut the vinyl sheet about ⅓ of the way in (you can also use a pencil to mark this).

Then push a pin or thumb tack through each corner point and the center of the sheet.

After that, bring every other corner to the center of the sheet.

You can then attach the pinwheel to the dowel (or a cork board if you are displaying it).

All done!