Day Glow, Night Glow, We Have More Glow THAN ANYONE –

At Tape Technologies, we want to provide you with the best products for your project. We also want to show you how to use some of those same products in different ways. Our Fluorescent Films are extremely bright, high gloss films designed for high visibility in daylight conditions. These colors are so bright that some of our customers call them day glow colors. OK, you know how bright these colors are by day, but did you know that they glow at night if you expose them to black light (UV light)? Check it out.

What are you looking at?

No, really what is that glow vinyl? We actually have different Photoluminescent Films, based upon your application or your requirement or just what you want. Our PHA4 and PHA10 – are the most popular in the craft and hobby market. PHA4 gives you more bang for your buck with your everyday craft projects. Our PHA10 is possibly the brightest product in the market in both the initial glow and duration (up to 24 hours). Based on your want/need and your budget, both products will perform well. If you do have a difficult application and need extreme conformability, we have a 3rd option, a very soft PHAX that is great for up to 4 hours.